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Pay raises, worker-rights bills among AFSCME Maryland’s legislative accomplishments

Gov. Wes Moore (seated, blue tie) during a signing ceremony for the PERA bill, with AFSCME Maryland members behind him. Photo credit: Gov. Wes Moore’s office.
Pay raises, worker-rights bills among AFSCME Maryland’s legislative accomplishments
By AFSCME Maryland Council 3 and AFSCME International Staff ·

BALTIMORE – AFSCME Maryland Council 3 members ticked a number of items off their legislative wish list during the 445th Maryland legislative session. 

Members welcomed working with a new administration headed by Wes Moore, the state’s first African American governor, more than 40 new legislators and new committee chairs.  

Council 3 members held AFSCME Lobby Nights in Annapolis nearly every Monday during the session, which ended on April 10. Members fought for better public services, benefits and resources for public employees, and worked hard to expand workers’ rights.  

Highlights of their accomplishments include securing an additional pay increase for state employees who have been continuously employed for at least five years and ensuring that the Maryland General Assembly passes the Public Employee Relations Act (PERA). 

Members found it easy to support Moore’s pro-worker agenda — far different from the priorities of previous Gov. Larry Hogan. Moore’s priorities of ending child poverty, increasing access to quality education, and making Maryland safer, cleaner and healthier align with the work AFSCME members do daily at state agencies and on Maryland’s college campuses.  

“In this session, we were able to secure over $48 million in additional pay and benefits for state employees to help rebuild our state workforce. What a difference working with the Moore administration has been. This is an administration that wants to fund state services and provide AFSCME members with both the pay and resources we need to do the important work that keeps our communities safe, clean, and healthy,” said Council 3 President Patrick Moran. 

Nearly 300 members attended the union’s eight lobby nights to share their stories and experiences and speak to their legislators. Over 50 members testified at budget and bill hearings, describing the lack of resources and effects of short staffing.  

“Member participation was crucial this session. From phone calls to emails to both written and in-person testimony to our AFSCME Lobby Nights, it was exciting and powerful to witness my fellow AFSCME members join me in Annapolis. I was really pleased with those who were coming to Annapolis for their first time,” said AFSCME Maryland Secretary-Treasurer Cherrish Vick. 

For a comprehensive list of all legislative accomplishments, go here.  

Highlights of key member-supported legislation Moore has signed into law:  

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