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Pay for Latinas Lags Well Behind White Males

Latina women had to work until November 1 of this year to earn the same wages their white male counterparts earned in the previous year. Ten months longer!

Pablo Ros |

Unions Push for “Grade A” Paid Parental Leave

The long-term goal is for all workers–union and non-union, public and private sector–to have access to paid family leave.

Elissa McBride |

S-T McBride: ‘Let’s Hear the Truth’ About Kavanaugh’s Past

She reiterated AFSCME’s opposition to Kavanaugh, underscoring that he has consistently “ruled for wealthy corporate interests against working women, against working people.”

AFSCME Staff |

Brett Kavanaugh: No R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Women’s and Workers’ Rights

Stand up and speak out against Kavanaugh’s nomination. Our respect on the job is on the line – and Kavanaugh is going to find out what it means to us.

Elissa McBride, Secretary-Treasurer, AFSCME International |

For Working Women, This is Not a Close Call

The nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh spells bad news for working women.

Elissa McBride |

AFSCME Launches Women’s Leadership Academy Online

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the issues that affect working women, strengthen leadership skills, engage politically, and inspire each other to become strong leaders and activists in their workplace.

Pete Levine |

Equal Pay Day Reminds Us the Gender Pay Gap Persists

On Equal Pay Day, we are reminded that women still get paid less than men for doing the same work.

Pablo Ros |

Member’s Novel Inspired by AFSCME Women’s Leadership Academy

Sharing experiences with women leaders from affiliates throughout the country motivated Shonna Quick-Crowell to write a book about women and self-worth.

Adele M. Stan |

Elizabeth Guzman is an AFSCME Woman Who Made History

Virginia delegate and AFSCME member Elizabeth Guzman discussed her political career with AFSCME Secretary-Treasurer Elissa McBride in the first event of the “AFSCME Women Making History” series.

Pablo Ros |

Public Employers Must Address Harassment Too

Unions have a track record of working with private sector employers on policies to curb sexual harassment in the workplace. AFSCME urges public service employers to do the same.

Lee Saunders, Elissa McBride |

July 31 was Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

July 31 was Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, when the earnings of African-American women since January 2016 finally caught up to the average pay earned by white men just in 2016.

Pablo Ros |

After 100 Years of Flowers, Time for Paid Family Leave

Nothing wrong with flowers and candy, but after more than 100 years of celebrating Mother’s Day, it’s time to give mothers what they really want and need: paid family leave.

Pablo Ros |

AFSCME Women Make a Difference Every Day

On Tuesday, during Women’s History Month, AFSCME staff heard three inspirational women tell us about becoming leaders in their union.

Clyde Weiss |

Women in PA Take Never Quit Attitude to a New Level

A record number of Pennsylvania public service workers attended AFSCME Council 13’s Women’s Conference this year.

Kevin Zapf Hanes |

Don’t Forget: Today Is ‘A Day Without a Woman’

The same spirit of resistance behind the Women’s March on Washington underlies today’s “A Day Without a Woman.”

Pablo Ros |

You’ll Lose a Lot if Obamacare is Repealed – Especially if You’re a Woman

Repealing the Affordable Care Act will be particularly devastating on women, according to a recent report by the National Women’s Law Center.

Clyde Weiss |

Equal Pay for Women and Men Still Elusive 8 Years After Lilly Ledbetter Law

This Sunday marks the eighth anniversary of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. That law was a milestone on the road to equal pay but also serves as a reminder of how far the country has to go.

Pablo Ros |

The Women’s March is for Everyone

The Women’s March on Washington, which will be held Saturday, January 21, 2017, is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of people in our nation’s capital.

Pablo Ros |

#YesWeCan: Obama Came Through for Working People

The first bill President Obama signed into law helped stop unfair pay discrimination against women, setting the tone for his legacy of standing up for working people.

Latina Equal Pay Day

It takes more than 22 months for Latinas to earn what white, non-Hispanic men earn in 12.