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Questions & Answers on Advance Directives for End-of-Life Medical Treatment

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Advance Directives: What They are and What They Do
  3. Appointing a Health Care Agent
  4. Preparing the Forms

This booklet addresses issues that matter to us all, because we are all future patients. Advance directives (living wills and medical powers of attorney, i.e., health care agent appointments) are valuable tools to help us communicate our wishes for our future medical care. They can ease the burden on those who must make life-and-death decisions for us if we can no longer make those choices ourselves. Now that every state has laws recognizing advance directives, the challenge for each of us is to make good use of these important documents.

As the pioneer and champion of living wills for the past twenty-five years, Choice In Dying has an unmatched understanding of their use. That's why the AFSCME Retiree Program has looked to the staff of Choice In Dying to answer the questions most often asked by AFSCME members around the country. This information will give you guidelines about talking with your loved ones, health care providers and agents, to ensure that your wishes for your own medical care at the end of life are honored.

Should you have additional questions or wish to inquire about publications and other resources, call Choice In Dying at 1-800-989-WILL.

The information contained in this guide should not be construed as legal advice.

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