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Programs and policies that help workers balance their work and family responsibilities are important to AFSCME’s over 1.3 million members. That is why for several decades AFSCME has pushed for work/family programs through lobbying for national and local policies which protect families, such as the minimum wage, family and medical leave, and child care legislation.

The union also works through contract negotiations, advocacy and public education to win work/family programs. AFSCME provides technical assistance to local affiliates on strategies for winning these programs at the workplace.

AFSCME also has fought to raise the pay and benefits and win training opportunities for providers, including home health aides, whom the union represents. AFSCME knows there is a direct link between adequately trained and compensated workers and high-quality care.

This guide is designed to help AFSCME affiliates in developing work/family programs that meet their members’ needs. It describes how locals and councils can achieve family-friendly programs at the workplace; contains information about the various options which can be negotiated, including AFSCME examples of the various options; and summarizes the services and resources available from the International Union.

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