During National Law Enforcement Week, we honor these front-line heroes

By AFSCME Staff ·

This week is National Law Enforcement Week, a time to honor the law enforcement officers who keep our communities safe every day and remember those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice. 

“AFSCME members in law enforcement and police embody the courageous spirit of public safety,” AFSCME President Lee Saunders said in a press statement. “Together, they work around the clock to keep our neighborhood streets, waterways, public lands and skies safe, even if it means putting themselves in danger. Each law enforcement officer brings a deep sense of dedication and professionalism with them to the line of duty.”  

And yet despite their courage, hard work and dedication, law enforcement workers don’t always receive the fair pay and good benefits they deserve. That’s why AFSCME is proud to be the union for many of these front-line heroes in communities across the country, helping them find a voice in the workplace.  

“For all the sacrifices they make, we must ensure these front-line heroes receive fair pay and good benefits so they can support themselves and their families,” Saunders said. “This includes rock-solid retirement security because after years of putting their lives on the line, law enforcement professionals should be able to retire with dignity.”  

The schedule of events for National Police Week includes a candlelight vigil at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, D.C. Thousands of law enforcement personnel from across the country will attend the ceremonies.