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AFSCME Local 4041 members file unfair labor practice complaint against State of Nevada

Photo Credit: Gwyn Davies
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By Cyndy Hernandez ·

CARSON CITY, Nevada – AFSCME members in Nevada have filed a complaint accusing the State of Nevada of violating last year’s landmark collective bargaining law.

Under the 2019 law, Nevada state employees have the right negotiate over any changes to working conditions, including furloughs. AFSCME Local 4041 members say Gov. Steve Sisolak has not responded to numerous overtures from state employees or their union. 

As a result, the local filed an unfair labor practice complaint against the state last week, citing the governor’s refusal to follow the negotiation obligations set forth in the law.  

“We fought for and won the right to negotiate over our working conditions, which includes the furloughs the governor is trying to unilaterally impose on the thousands of state workers who have organized to have a voice on the job, and who have continued to serve our communities during this pandemic. The governor cannot ignore this law and we will continue fighting to have our say,” said Harry Schiffman, an electrician at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and president of Local 4041. 

State employees have continued to provide vital services to Nevada communities throughout the COVID-19 crisis and are playing an important role in Nevada’s recovery. With a record 28% unemployment rate – the nation’s highest – furloughing state employees will worsen Nevada’s economic problems. 

While Local 4041 members wait for a response by the Employee-Management Relations Board on their ULP, members held rallies in Las Vegas and Carson City on Saturday to demand that the governor negotiate with them over his proposed budget changes. 

Hundreds of state workers and supporters joined in person and online to support workers’ demands to be included in discussion over changes to their working conditions. 

“We don’t just have the right to negotiate changes to our pay and working conditions. We have value to add to the conversation. We’re on the front lines. We know where there are potential savings and ways to save services and jobs,” said Schiffman. “The way the governor is acting is a disgrace to our state and a disservice to all Nevadans. He needs to come out of hiding and talk to us.”

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