Alan F. Shanahan

Alan F. Shanahan

Los Angeles, California

Since 2013, Alan has served as Executive President of Local 1902, which represents water district employees throughout Southern California, from the high deserts of LA and San Bernardino counties, down to San Diego, from the beach cities to the Arizona border.

He has been a card-carrying AFSCME member for over 12 years, serving various roles as local steward and board member, political director, Executive VP, AFSCME California PEOPLE Treasurer, and now the newly elected IVP in 2016.

As a Journey Level Maintenance Mechanic (Millwright) at Metropolitan Water District, Shanahan has also served as a member and then as the Labor Chair for MWD’s Joint Apprenticeship Committee. During Shanahan’s tenure, AFSCME Local 1902 has gone on to increase its membership to 90% and its PEOPLE contributors to 40%, winning several PEOPLE awards over the last four years.

He has represented the Local and its members through arbitration cases and PERB charges, and has personally lobbied at the state capitol and governor’s office for and against several key legislation affecting public employees pensions, commercial driver’s license, and water rights issues that protected jobs within Local 1902’s jurisdiction. He is committed to continuing his fight for all California AFSCME members.