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Resolutions & Amendments

43rd International Convention - Boston, MA (2018)

An Amendment Updating the Retirees Provisions

Amendment No. 9
43rd International Convention
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
July 16 - 20, 2018
Boston, MA


That the International Union Constitution, Article III, Section 1.I, is amended to read as follows:

Section 1.

I. Any person who is retired and who, prior to such retirement, was eligible for membership in AFSCME and the spouse of any such person may become a member of an appropriate retired employee chapter chartered by AFSCME or may become a retired member-at-large if there is no retired employee chapter or sub-chapter subchapter to which such person can appropriately belong. Retired members-at-large shall pay dues on an annual or monthly basis in such amounts as are established by the International Executive Board. These dues shall be payable directly to the International Secretary-Treasurer. who shall deduct the amount which represents per capita tax payable to the International Union and place any remaining amounts in escrow. Upon the chartering of any retired employee chapter or sub-chapter, all amounts held in such escrow account attributable to members-at-large within the jurisdiction of such chapter or sub-chapter shall be paid over to the newly chartered chapter or sub- chapter.

SUBMITTED BY: International Executive Board