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Resolutions & Amendments

43rd International Convention - Boston, MA (2018)

An Amendment Allowing for Use of Electronic Communications in Connection with International Conventions and the Timing For Submissions

Amendment No. 5
43rd International Convention
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
July 16 - 20, 2018
Boston, MA


That the International Union Constitution, Article IV, Section 4, is amended to read as follows:

Section 4. Not less than seventy-five days prior to the opening of any convention, the International Secretary-Treasurer shall issue a convention call, in the name of the International Executive Board. Such call shall state the time, date, and place of the convention and, in the case of a special convention, the purpose or purposes. A copy of the call shall be sent to all subordinate bodies, together with the appropriate number of blank credential forms or other materials needed for the subordinate body to register its delegates.


That the International Union Constitution Article IV, Section 22, is amended to read as follows:

Section 22. Resolutions, including proposals to amend the Constitution, to be introduced for consideration at any convention shall be signed by the president and the secretary of a subordinate body or by one or more certified delegates. Such resolutions shall be prepared and signed in duplicate and sent to the International Secretary-Treasurer at International Headquarters and postmarked or sent electronically at least twenty thirty days prior to the opening of the convention. The International Secretary-Treasurer shall make copies of all such resolutions available to the delegates and shall properly identify those who submitted the resolutions. No resolutions constitutional amendments may be introduced thereafter unless, but resolutions may be introduced thereafter if consent is given by a two-thirds vote of the convention; provided however, that the International President or the International Executive Board may introduce a resolution or constitutional amendment for consideration by the convention at any time up to and including the fourth day of the convention.

SUBMITTED BY: International Executive Board