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Resolutions & Amendments

43rd International Convention - Boston, MA (2018)

An Amendment Clarifying the Dues Waiver Available to Members on Extended Unpaid Leave

Amendment No. 3
43rd International Convention
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
July 16 - 20, 2018
Boston, MA


That the International Union Constitution, Article III, Section 8, is amended and renumbered to read as follows:

Section 9. When a member is unemployed, on leave for military service, or on unpaid leave for more than twenty days in any calendar month and does not receive unemployment compensation or sick leave pay or other remuneration, such unemployed member may shall, upon request, be entitled to credit for membership dues for the period of unemployment, military service leave, or unpaid leave, but not to exceed six months within any calendar year twelve-month period.

SUBMITTED BY: International Executive Board