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Resolutions & Amendments

32nd International Convention - Chicago, IL (1996)

Joseph E. McDermott

Special Resolution
32nd International Convention
June 17-21, 1996
Chicago, IL


Joseph E. McDermott has served for nearly 16 years as an International Vice President and member of the AFSCME International Executive Board; and


During his years as an officer of CSEA prior to affiliation with AFSCME, Joseph E. McDermott was a leader in the effort for public employee solidarity in New York State; and subsequently as a member of the International Executive Board representing Local 1000 he has continued his support of labor solidarity on a national basis; and


Joseph E. McDermott was part of the leadership team, and eventually its leader, during the critical years when AFSCME's largest affiliate made the transition from an independent association effectively dealing with New York City and municipal issues to a full-fledged and significant arm of the nation's largest public employee and health care union, bringing the voice and influence of CSEA members to bear on national issues affecting workers not only in New York state but in the entire nation; and


Throughout his trade union career Joseph E. McDermott has demonstrated a deep commitment and concern for the public employees who strive to deliver the services that are so essential to the safety, health and well being of the entire citizenry, often in the face of opposition from political opportunists who refuse to recognize the value and importance of their loyal and effective public employees; and


Joseph E. McDermott recognized the importance of effective political action on the part of organizations representing public employees, and as a national officer supported AFSCME's programs designed to improve the working conditions and status of public employees through national legislation and representation.


That this 32nd Constitutional Convention of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees salutes Joseph E. McDermott on the event of his retirement after nearly 16 years of service as an International Vice President and Member of the International Executive Board; and


That noting his years of service to his fellow public employees prior to affiliation with AFSCME, this Convention further directs that this resolution be suitably inscribed and appropriately presented to Joseph E. McDermott.


Gerald W. McEntee, International President
William Lucy, International Secretary-Treasurer