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Resolutions & Amendments

32nd International Convention - Chicago, IL (1996)

Fireman's Rule

Resolution No. 34
32nd International Convention
June 17-21, 1996
Chicago, IL


Most jurisdictions in the United States employ a rule of law known as the "Fireman's Rule," which serves to prevent law enforcement officers as well as other public safety employees from recovering damages against those who injure or kill law enforcement officers or other public safety employees in the line of duty; and


Such Fireman's Rules operate in a cruel and inhumane manner to punish those who have made the greatest sacrifices in the course of protecting our society; and


AFSCME International has taken the lead through its National Law Enforcement Officers Rights Center in filing an amicus brief to the Michigan Court of Appeals, arguing that the Fireman's Rule as presently applied has outlived its usefulness; and


Several states, including Minnesota and Florida, have seen fit to abolish the Fireman's Rule because of its unfair and indefensible treatment of public safety employees and law enforcement officers.


That AFSCME International goes on record in strong opposition to the Fireman's Rule wherever it still exists in this country, and furthermore that AFSCME International resolves to continue its efforts to reform and or abolish the Fireman's Rule wherever it still exists.


Gary Waterhouse, President and Delegate
Curtis Searle, Secretary
AFSCME Council 15