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Resolutions & Amendments

32nd International Convention - Chicago, IL (1996)

Labor Solidarity

Resolution No. 112
32nd International Convention
June 17-21, 1996
Chicago, IL


Unions all across America are under attack by politicians and business people who desire to undermine American workers' goals of family wage jobs, fair and safe working conditions, and job security; and


It should be the goal of all unions everywhere to improve the working conditions of their members and to help pave the way for improved wages and working conditions for all Americans; and


Since the members of AFSCME understand the power of cohesiveness, solidarity, and mutual support, this action is to advise other unions, employers, politicians and the general public that AFSCME will form the first wave of action to reverse the current trend of employers in America.


That from this date forward, it be the official policy of AFSCME International, its councils and locals, to assist in any way possible members of any other union, in any place where an AFSCME chapter or local exists, whenever union sisters and brothers are experiencing labor strife or problems. Such assistance would include picketing, participating in rallies and demonstrations, and otherwise signifying AFSCME's cooperation, camaraderie and solidarity with all members of the American labor movement.


Elizabeth Rothstein
Sam Gillispie, Delegate
AFSCME Local 189, Council 75