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Executive Director

AFSCME Minnesota Council 5
St. Paul, MN
Posting Date:
November 22, 2019

AFSCME MN Council 5 is currently taking applications for the position of Executive Director. This position will be based out of the South Saint Paul Office.

The Executive Director is the Union’s Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for the entirety of AFSCME Council 5 activities, working closely with Council 5 staff and Council 5's Executive Board to execute the implementation and operations of the organization.


The Executive Director’s power and authority are listed in Article IX of the Council Constitution.

Section 1: There shall be appointed by the Executive Board an Executive Director who shall sit on the Executive Board with a voice but no vote. The Executive Director shall serve at the pleasure of the Board, and the compensation, expenses and benefits of the Executive Director shall be determined by the Executive Board.

Section 2. The Executive Director is the Council's administrative and executive officer, and must give full time to the Council. The Executive Director shall, under policies established by the Executive Board, employ, terminate, fix the compensation and expenses, and direct the activities of such staff as are required to carry out effectively the functions of this Council. The Executive Director shall, with the approval of the Executive Board, engage such technical and professional services, including legal counsel and independent auditors, as may be required.

In particular this position exists to set strategic priorities for Council 5 and ensure successful implementation.


  • Execute the mission of Council 5 to advocate for excellence in services for the public, dignity in the workplace, and opportunity and prosperity for all workers.
  • Work with the Executive Board to develop strategic direction for Council 5.
  • Provide overall direction to executive staff in carrying out program goals and objectives consistent with the mission and direction established by the Executive Board.
  • Advise the Council 5 Board on key policy and operational issues.
  • Ensure the development of operational capacity, including technology, necessary to support a successful union.
  • Ensure smooth operation of all programs and operations.
  • Recommend an annual budget and two-year budget plan to the Council 5 Board.
  • Ensure that operations, programs, and activities are managed within the budget approved by the Council 5 Board.
  • Ensure that the Union engages in effective collective bargaining and contract administration. Ensure that the Union has a professional organizing program.
  • Ensure that the Union has a strong lobbying and political action program.
  • Serves as the chief public spokesperson of the Union and ensures a comprehensive public relations and member outreach strategy.
  • Promotes a positive and constructive relationship with our national union.
  • Build and manage relationships with the Governor, the Legislature and local government elected officials essential to advancing the success of Council 5.
  • Build and maintain strong collaborative partnerships with the other public and private sector labor unions.
  • Build and manage relationships with coalition partners to advance the interests of our members and all workers.
  • Build and manage external relationships essential to advancing the success of Council 5. Create and maintain an effective member centered focus in all programs and functions.


Reports to: Council 5 Executive Board
Supervises: Directly: All Department Heads and Executive Assistant. Indirectly: All Council 5 staff


  • 10 years of experience in senior labor union positions.
  • Knowledge and/or experience of collective bargaining, organizing, lobbying and political action and communications.
  • Strong management and interpersonal skills and commitment to fostering a team environment.
  • Experience demonstrating creative policy-making and problem-solving skills and a record of success.
  • Strong public speaking and writing skills.
  • Astute understanding of the media, government and politics.
  • Must be able to work within a fast-paced environment and manage multiple, complex priorities.
  • Comfortable and effective working with diverse groups of individuals and able to successfully manage the dynamic and differing needs, interests and viewpoints of multiple stakeholders.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and be insurable.



  • A key function of this position is the ability to identify, develop, and implement solutions to unique issues, questions, and problems with little or no precedent.
  • Develop solutions to issues, questions, and problems that are innovative and flexible to adapt to changing internal and external dynamics.
  • Problem-solving skills to facilitate discussions and work with members and leaders with competing objectives.
  • Problem solving skills to facilitate discussions and work with external labor union and coalition partners with competing objectives.
  • Ability to convey complex information and facilitate consensus in a positive and cooperative manner to achieve objectives.


Pat Guernsey % Liza Allen
AFSCME Minnesota Council 5
300 Hardman Avenue South South St. Paul, MN 55075
Email resumes accepted at: for Pat Guernsey


(American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO) 651-450-4990
AFSCME MN Council 5 is an Equal Opportunity Employer; women and people of color strongly encouraged to apply.